Top Tips for Building Your Small Business Website And Why Y…

Credit: getty Small business owners have a lot on their plates on the best of days. Building and maintaining a website for your business may seem like an unnecessary distraction to some people, especially the less technical. But whether you’re a tradesman, small shop or restaurant owner having a website is a vital part of […]

Digital Marketing Strategies Tips For 2019-Abdulla Basha

The white and black chequered flags have been waved as companies are racing through the final lap of the calendar year. This is also a call to prepare to gain a significant head start in the coming year. The accelerated development in technology and interconnectivity must be imbibed in future digital marketing plans – paving […]

7 top tips to supercharge your old smartphone’s performance

Like computers, your smartphone can get bogged down with layers of software, apps, files and processes after you’ve been using it for a while, rendering it slower and more frustrating to use – or, even worse, completely unusable.  Provided the problem isn’t down to dodgy or breaking hardware, these performance issues can usually be remedied […]

Pixel 3: Essential tips and tricks for your Made by Google …

Hopefully, you’re enjoying your brand new Pixel 3, had one for a while or are thinking that you might get one soon, for that reason we’ve compiled a few of our best tips and tricks for any potential Pixel 3 user out there. There’s a whole wealth of control at your fingertip right out the […]

15 tips and tricks for Chrome on Android (2018 edition)

Last year, we compiled a list of 15 tips and tricks to get the most out of Chrome on Android. The browser has plenty of hidden features, either tucked away behind flags or simply not pointed out by Google. Since that post was published, several of the features we highlighted have been removed (like the […]

Ask an SMXpert: Tips for dealing with (and avoiding) Google…

SEO Expert at SearchBrothers and former senior Google Search Quality team member, Fili Wiese, hosted a presentation at SMX East about the Google Search Console and penalties. He didn’t have time to answer every question from attendees at the event so he took the time to follow up with us. Here are five questions submitted […]