Spain: Technical setbacks slow search for boy in deep hole …

MADRID (AP) — Spanish rescuers on the fourth day of a frantic race to reach a 2-year-old boy trapped in a borehole clung to hope of finding the toddler alive despite massive setbacks in getting to the bottom of the deep and narrow cavity. The operation to rescue Julen Rosello from the shaft has gripped […]

5 technical SEO blunders that can crush your website rankin…

Wondering why your website ranking is plummeting even if you are trying hard? With SEO becoming a cornerstone for digital age marketing, it is obvious to panic when you rank lower. It is frustrating to see your rank falling when you’ve done everything to make it work. You’ve your on-page SEO thing on track with […]

6 Technical SEO Mistakes That Can Reduce Traffic to Your We…

Can you stand upright without the backbone? No, you can’t. In fact, nobody can do it. Well, the technical SEO holds the same importance for your website as the backbone does for your body. Without optimizing your website technically, you cannot achieve your web traffic objective. Everything will fall apart. In today’s post, I’m going […]

How to carry out a technical SEO audit: Tips for beginners

Technical SEO. Even its name sounds intimidating. If you’re a regular reader of SEO websites, or have read any generalised SEO best practice guides, no doubt you’ll have come across many references to the importance of technical SEO. Technical SEO, which refers to the elements of search optimisation that help search engines crawl and index […]

Technical SEO: 15 Critical Areas That Impact Performance

The technical aspects of search engine optimization can seem mysterious, especially for content marketers. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The 15 areas below cover the major areas. 15 Technical SEO Areas Page templates and modules. Templates merge content management and technical architecture. Templates typically require developers to modify. But templates allow non-technical […]

20 Essential Technical SEO Tools for Agencies

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