Snapchat Study Finds it Has the Happiest Social Media Users

A study on why and how people use social networks finds Snapchat makes people happy – Facebook and Twitter not so much. Snapchat commissioned a study with Murphy Research to better understand how people spend their time on social networks, and how they feel as a result. Results of the study are broken down into […]

New Study Reveals That Half of Auto Dealers Overspend on Ma…

MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Outsell, which offers the only AI-driven marketing automation platform for the automotive industry, announced today that along with partners RXA and Vistadash it has completed the first data study focused completely on Marketing Return on Investment (ROMI) for U.S. auto dealerships. Conducted in September and October 2018, the […]

Google Local Search Study: Businesses on First Page Have an…

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Study finds half of most popular VPN apps linked to China

More than half of the world’s 30 most popular smartphone apps for browsing the internet privately are owned by Chinese companies, according to a new study that raises significant privacy concerns. Seventeen of the apps, which offer to connect users to the internet through a secure tunnel known as a “virtual private network” (VPN), were […]

Google local reviews study shows 74% of businesses have at …

BrightLocal released a study on reviews within Google local and Google maps. It looked at over 93,000 business reviews in Google and produced the findings around how many businesses have reviews, the average star ratings across businesses, their rankings in Google local and more. Who gets reviews and what are the types of reviews given? […]

Study Shows Web Security Directly Affects SEO

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