Trends that will shape the trajectory of the content space …

MUMBAI: Content and brands have coherently managed to revolutionise how the audience consumes daily content across all platforms. Engaging trends have been discovered in recent years like the advent of digital content. But as new platforms gain massive popularity, they demand a subtle shift in the substance of their content, be it TV series, television […]

23 YouTube Statistics That Should Shape Your Marketing Stra…

When most businesses are shaping out their social media strategy, Facebook is at the top of their list. Then often Instagram, and maybe Twitter. YouTube is sometimes the social media channel that’s considered last. Some businesses don’t see it as immediately valuable because things don’t go viral natively the same way that they do on […]

Trends that will shape India’s ecommerce in 2020

India’s ecommerce sector has seen a hockey stick growth in the past few years. From the pioneering days of IndiaPlaza and Flipkart, which had to create the ecosystem from the ground up, to Walmart’s acquisition of Flipkart at a heady $16 billion valuation, India as a market has evolved tremendously. Currently, the number of Indians with […]

12 Ways The ‘Stories’ Format Could Shape The Future Of Cont…

Instagram Stories are now used by more than 400 million people each day. As such, it might come as no surprise that other platforms, like Facebook, have begun adopting this content format. But even Google has announced that it’s started to leverage stories in its search results. For example, if you do a mobile search […]

Mid-Year Review: The Five SEO Trends Taking Shape In 2018

Mid-Year Review: The Five SEO Trends Taking Shape In 2018  Forbes 6 SEO Content tips to help your articles rank higher in Google What exactly is SEO and how does it work?  Best in Australia Full coverage Swiftype Custom Site Search Related Posts:6 SEO Content tips to help your articles rank higher…all the shortcuts and tools you’ll […]