SEOs noticing ranking volatility in Google’s search results

Over the past several days, the SEO community has taken notice of more-than-normal ranking fluctuations and volatility in the Google search results. While it is not uncommon for Google to have volatility in the search results from day-to-day or hour-to-hour, what is less common is to see an increase in complaints from within the SEO […]

The SEO’s Guide to Google Quality Raters

FirmBee / Pixabay Everyone talks about the Google algorithm automatically ranking web pages into search results based on multiple pieces of information. There’s no way humans could search and order billions of results per second to give us what we are looking for. But, Google does use an army of humans to help it review […]

Google’s Mueller spent New Year’s helping SEOs tackle hacke…

John Mueller, a Google webmaster trends analyst, spent a portion of his New Years break responding to concerns and questions around Google search related issues. Here’s what kept him occupied. Slow server leads to crawling and indexing issues. In one help thread, John Mueller helped a webmaster who received Google Search Console errors. John was able […]

Google Advises SEOs on How to Implement Lazy Loading Correc…

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Google Can’t Recommend SEOs To Hire; Conflict Of Interest

I wonder how often Googlers get asked about who they should hire as an SEO consultant or firm? I get the question all the time and in fact, people ask to hire me all the time. It was interesting to see how Gary Illyes from Google responded, saying it would be a “conflict of interest” […]

Google Asks SEOs if Domain Changes Result in Loss of Traffi…

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