Google plans ‘smart shoes’ that tell you if you have put on…

Google could soon be following every step you take with hi-tech shoes – which will also be able to tell the wearer when they’ve put on weight. The shoes could be the next move in electronic “smart” gadgets. Best known for its internet search engine, Google’s parent company Alphabet is developing shoes that will monitor […]

Google and Facebook put ads in child sex abuse discovery ap…

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption WhatsApp does not allow users to search for groups in its own app, which led to the creation of other services that did Evidence that adverts for major brands were placed in “child abuse discovery apps” via Google and Facebook’s ad networks has led to fresh calls for the […]

6 ways to help you put a stop to online impulse shopping

There’s something special about successfully buying an outfit online. It’s a little victory filled with excitement and hope, all achieved while you’re lying in bed, sitting on the bus, or distracting yourself at work. The convenience factor alone is enough to make you wonder why anybody would bother with shopping centre crowds. But for all […]

SEARCH ENGINE: Immigration centre happy to stay put

SEARCH ENGINE: Immigration centre happy to stay put | Top Stories Top Stories Zoomd […]