Up and Coming Digital Performance, LLC Boosts USA Business’…

Oswego, IL – Digital Performance is an Illinois-based digital marketing agency servicing clients all over the USA. Since their entry into the marketing industry, they have boosted sales and the online presence of numerous businesses throughout the United States. Marketing is a broad technique that covers a variety of services that are integral to any […]

7 top tips to supercharge your old smartphone’s performance

Like computers, your smartphone can get bogged down with layers of software, apps, files and processes after you’ve been using it for a while, rendering it slower and more frustrating to use – or, even worse, completely unusable.  Provided the problem isn’t down to dodgy or breaking hardware, these performance issues can usually be remedied […]

Mobile Site Performance the Highest for Retail Sector: Goog…

With the rising influence of mobile, consumer experience is playing a critical role in mobile-commerce. Mobile sites have become important storefronts for brands, and customers’ buying decisions are determined by seamless search and purchase journeys on their devices. However, are Indian mobile websites equipped to handle consumer need? Do they offer coherent search and purchase paths? […]

Improved Performance and Additional Camera Support

The DxO PhotoLab 2.1 provides improved performance and additional camera support. DxO PhotoLab 2.1 has improved its image management system resulting in significantly faster searches PARIS (PRWEB) December 05, 2018 Special offer on all DxO software until December 25, 2018. DxO PhotoLab 2, DxO’s advanced photo editing software, which was voted Best Photo Editing […]

Google Search Console Adds Event Listings to Performance Re…

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What brands can do to improve ecommerce performance

When asked what they saw as the number one opportunity in ecommerce marketing today, 30% of brands said ‘More accurate consumer targeting across retailers.’ Brands also cited three other key opportunities: ‘Improved user experience’ (22%), ‘Voice search advertising’ (14%), and the closer alignment of digital marketing with merchandising teams (8%). In our recent Era of […]