German Neo-Nazis Fell for Art Project and Outed Themselves

A leftist art collective in Germany said they were launching a project to identify neo-Nazi rioters. In reality, it was a hoax to trick neo-Nazis into outing themselves. This summer unleashed a wave of violence in Chemnitz, Germany, where far-right extremists chased down immigrants and threw fascist salutes during a multi-day rally. Nazi-era salutes are illegal […]

German Website Tricked Neo-Nazis Into Doxing Themselves

A collective of German artists revealed on Wednesday that a website pretending to crowdsource help in identifying far-right, anti-immigration protesters was in fact set up to “honeypot” neo-Nazis. As part of the Special Commission Chemnitz campaign, following violent far-right riots in the German city of Chemnitz, activists and artists of the Center for Political Beauty (ZPS) encouraged […]