Google Reports Earnings on Monday: 5 Important Things to Wa…

Though Alphabet/Google (GOOGL) kept reporting healthy top-line growth in 2018, its stock is going into earnings close to where it traded a year ago. That could make it easier for the search giant’s shares to move higher following its Q4 report. Excluding traffic acquisition costs (TAC, or ad revenue-sharing payments made to partners), the consensus […]

Search Volume Declines The Week Of Cyber Monday 12/05/2018

Searches declined on engines Google and Bing as well as on Amazon for the seven days ending December 1 — which means the decline, compared with the prior week, includes the number of searches conducted on Cyber Monday. Data released Wednesday by Hitwise looks at the top ten searches on search engines and on Amazon. […]

Alphabet Reports Earnings on Monday: 5 Things to Watch

There isn’t much reason to expect a ton of drama from Alphabet/Google’s (GOOGL) upcoming earnings report. However, the web giant’s report and earnings call should help answer an important question or two about its largest business, and maybe provide some useful details about how smaller ones are progressing. Google’s Q2 report arrives after the close […]