Direct Mail Matters

MikesPhotos / Pixabay Are you trying to think outside the social media or digital advertising box lately? I have news for you. year after year, direct mail works better. It should really be no surprise in today’s hyper-digitized market that receiving a piece of actual paper mail—a handwritten letter, a flyer, a postcard—is now as […]

MARKETING MATTERS – Think DIGITAL FIRST when it comes to yo…

MARKETING MATTERS – Think DIGITAL FIRST when it comes to your marketing plan  WV News When I refer to ‘digital-first,’ I’m talking about the internet and internet-related assets such as websites, internet search engines, digital advertising and social … Algolia Reports Related Posts:Internet Search Engines and Two-sided Markets :…101 Ways To Make More Money21 Top Social […]

More Indians searching on health matters, but fears of sear…

By: Tech Desk | New Delhi | Published: November 9, 2018 9:25:37 am Jana’s mCent browser found that 41.3 per cent of its respondents use search engines to research their health concerns at least once a week. (Representational image) “Easier accessibility and no wait time” is prompting millions of Internet users, especially in countries like […]

Why search marketing matters in 2018

First let me ask you: how many unread emails are in the “promotions,” “updates,” and “other” tabs of your inbox? When I got to work on Monday morning, there were 248. How many of those did I read, you ask? Three at best, and only because they were already my favorite news roundups. The others? […]

6 Reasons Why Google Says Valid HTML Matters

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MARKETING MATTERS – Traditional methods of Google SEO no lo…

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