How To Create A Website: Tips For Making Your Own Site

Building a website is a task and process that, eventually, anybody hoping to run a business or sell a product will have to take on. On its face, figuring out how to make a website can seem daunting. From finding a service to gathering your content to setting up an online store, there are so […]

How to Resist Making Politics Theological

Alex Wagner: The church of Trump The question that both Sullivan and Wood are asking is how we might make politics more boring, after the interregnum of near-constant excitement known as Trump. Sullivan wants a return to a Christian cultural sensibility, if not a Christian religious faith, that allows us to live with a public […]

Making your website – and your business – “mobile first”.

Many forward-thinking organisations have now moved from “mobile first” as a digital design principle, to “mobile first” as a way of doing business. This trend is driven by consumer behaviour: almost 80% of traffic to the Three website, for example, is from mobiles. 72% of SMEs in Ireland have a website and three quarters are […]

Making Schema Markup Work For You

What if I told you there’s a surefire way to boost your page rankings and cultivate better, higher quality traffic for your website? Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not. What if I also told you that just under half of all websites take advantage of this powerful tool? You’d probably be […]

Website elements that are essential to making your website …

When creating your business website, there are a few foundational elements which need to be implemented from the planning and development stages in order to boost its search visibility. These elements start with content, runs through the design stage, and continues after your website is launched. We unpack each of these elements and what is […]

UK puts pressure on Google to stop making Viagogo ticketing…

Last updated 09:24, September 11 2018 Rereatea The Commerce Commission is investigating ticket reselling website, Viagogo, after receiving a total of 228 complaints from people who have felt ripped-off after buying tickets from the site. UK MPs, the Football Association and working group UK Music have banded together to try and minimise the reach of the […]