Google local reviews study shows 74% of businesses have at …

BrightLocal released a study on reviews within Google local and Google maps. It looked at over 93,000 business reviews in Google and produced the findings around how many businesses have reviews, the average star ratings across businesses, their rankings in Google local and more. Who gets reviews and what are the types of reviews given? […]

Developing a schema strategy for local business: An intervi…

Jamie Pitman: Martha, thanks for taking the time to speak to me. I’ve been a big fan of what you folks do over at Schema App! I’m looking forward to picking your brains on the various ways local businesses can make their websites more schema-savvy. First up, could you just give us a quick overview […]

County website to get overhaul | Local News

We recognize you are attempting to access this website from a country belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA) including the EU which enforces the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and therefore access cannot be granted at this time. For any issues, contact [email protected] or call 724-465-5555. Zoomd News Related Posts:all the shortcuts and tools […]

How Local SEO Helps You Outsmart the Competition

How can you help your dealership’s website appear at the top of search engine results? Can you change its site listing in Google? Are links back to your site important? Also, why should your website traffic be encrypted? How do you create SEO-boosting content for your dealership, and how do you track all this? Does […]

Real Estate Agents and Local SEO: What You Need to Know

If there’s a single word that defines the real estate market, it’s “competitive”. Whether you’re marketing your business offline or online, there is any number of realtors and agents doing the exact same thing that you are. That means you need to stand out any way that you can. One of the most effective ways […]

Get Your Guide to Local SEO [EBOOK]

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