Machine Learning for Disaster Risk Management – A guidance …

1. INTRODUCTION Evidence-driven disaster risk manage-ment (DRM) relies upon many different data types, information sources, and types of models to be effective. Tasks such as weather modelling, earthquake fault line rupture, or the development of dynamic urban exposure measures involve complex science and large amounts of data from a range of sources. Even experts can […]

How To Prepare Your Agency For AI And Machine Learning

Gone are the Mad Men days of high-margin retainers, scotch and sodas at lunch, and leaving at 5 p.m. We’ve all heard it before: Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will eventually replace us. There is no denying that artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly prevalent in almost every industry, including advertising and marketing. It can […]

AdSense Giving Improved Machine Learning to Publishers

Google announced three changes coming to AdSense. The most exciting change is the introduction of machine learning technology that presumably improves the AutoAds machine learning feature. AdSense will give publishers access to improved machine learning technology that will help publishers earn more money. Among the announced changes are controls and transparency tools. They will allow publishers to […]

5 Tips For Promoting Workplace Learning

When you need to make the absolute most out of your company’s presence, there are always some key strategies to execute. The best thing that you can do for yourself is build capable employees that understand how to get more positive visibility to the company. When you nurture your employees in this regard, you will have […]

Machine Learning Can Improve Enterprise Search, But You Sti…

PHOTO: jaimekay16 In the early days of search, users were more than happy to get results that had some semblance of relevance to the (likely) single term query. And in those days, any result that made sense was a win. Thanks in part to Google, users have come to expect much more from search. I […]

The Many Machine Learning Engines Of Google

If there is anything the hyperscalers have taught us, it is the value of homogeneity and scale in an enterprise. Because their infrastructure was largely general purpose as well as the same, it was possible to buy, deploy, and manage in bulk, and most assuredly the buying is the cheapest part. Because of their purchasing […]