What I Learned By Quitting Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google,…

In May I made the decision to excise the so-called “Big Five” tech companies from my life for a month. That meant no services offered by Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, or any of their subsidiaries. There were a number of reasons I wanted to undertake this experiment, ranging from reclaiming my privacy to learning […]

What we learned when Google deindexed our site for a day

Last Friday, Google mistakenly delisted Search Engine Land from its index and search results. That meant none of our pages showed up in Google search — none. Fortunately, we were able to get a response from Google on Friday morning. We were told that its “system misidentified the site as being hacked” and thus was […]

31 Things We Learned from the ‘Searching’ Commentary

Movies set entirely on a computer screen are destined to be a micro-niche sub-genre, but while films like the Unfriended franchise are misfires in every way but commercially there a couple that succeed far better with the format. 2013’s The Den remains the best of the small bunch — yes, I’m still pimping its brilliance […]

Today I learned: Duck.com redirects to Google, much to Duck…

Florentijn Hofman’s Rubber Duck, photo by Eva Rinaldi. Eva Rinaldi (Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0) If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be Google, right?  Until today, if you typed duck.com into your browser right now and smacked the enter key, you’d see google.com appear.  Weird, huh? Particularly considering that there […]