Publishers call for 1,500 new public interest journalists

A group of regional publishers is urging the government to back a major expansion in the number of ‘public interest journalists,’ arguing that more than 1,500 will be needed to ensure all courts and councils are covered. Dame Frances Cairncross, left, is due to present her report this week on how to fund and sustain […]

Google search interest in Social Security spikes in Ohio

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Social Security leapt to near the top of the list of Ohio’s most-searched political issues this week, according to data compiled by Google in a partnership with From Wednesday through Thursday morning, Social Security was the second most frequently searched political topic in Ohio. (As has been the case for weeks, health […]

As trust in Google wanes, interest in privacy-focused searc…

Google has long been eyed with suspicion, and incidents such as covering up potential data leaks does nothing to help. Privacy and security have increased in importance for the average internet user, and this has seen people moving away from Google and investigating the alternatives. One beneficiary of this shunning of Google is DuckDuckGo. The […]

Google Can’t Recommend SEOs To Hire; Conflict Of Interest

I wonder how often Googlers get asked about who they should hire as an SEO consultant or firm? I get the question all the time and in fact, people ask to hire me all the time. It was interesting to see how Gary Illyes from Google responded, saying it would be a “conflict of interest” […]