Eliminating Specific Web Results For Improved Google Search…

Google often changes its metrics to optimize its working. It has started using real user measurements to score page ranks. Page speed is a distinct scenario in ranking a page of a particular site. From 2015, Google started measuring page speed as a specific factor apart from technical SEO. Google has launched a new algorithm designed […]

Improved Performance and Additional Camera Support

The DxO PhotoLab 2.1 provides improved performance and additional camera support. DxO PhotoLab 2.1 has improved its image management system resulting in significantly faster searches PARIS (PRWEB) December 05, 2018 Special offer on all DxO software until December 25, 2018. DxO PhotoLab 2, DxO’s advanced photo editing software, which was voted Best Photo Editing […]

AdSense Giving Improved Machine Learning to Publishers

Google announced three changes coming to AdSense. The most exciting change is the introduction of machine learning technology that presumably improves the AutoAds machine learning feature. AdSense will give publishers access to improved machine learning technology that will help publishers earn more money. Among the announced changes are controls and transparency tools. They will allow publishers to […]

Chrome 67 is here, with password-free logins and improved V…

Chrome 67 is hitting desktops today, with support for password-free logins courtesy of Web Authentication (WebAuthn), plus improved support for sensors and virtual reality headsets. WebAuthn is an open standard that lets you access your accounts using biometric data, a mobile app, or a portable device like a YubiKey. This can either replace passwords, or […]