How to Choose the Right Guest Speaker for Your Event

Male speaking in front of a group.Getty Choosing a guest speaker for your event is of vital importance because it makes or breaks the success of your conference. Your keynote guest speaker will create value for you by increasing the buzz you’ll need when building your advertising campaign. The entire tone surrounding your event is […]

How Guest Posting Has Changed Over the Years in Digital Mar…

Guest posting to help with a company website’s SEO has changed immensely over the years. When guest posting has just come onto the scene, it was more like the wild west of marketing than anything else. People were not sure how the next search engine algorithm update by Google could impact website rankings. With a […]

A Luxe Shipping Container Might Be The Guest House Of Your …

Thinking of  turning your backyard into an income source? You might have already looked at shipping container houses on HGTV, and be mulling them over as a self-contained, more private alternative to a traditional guest house. Sturdier than a tent or treehouse by far, these containers are great for places that get severe weather. They’re less […]

Don’t ignore latest update to Chrome: Guest view

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Is Ditching Guest Posting The Right Choice?

“Guest blogging is done.” This statement made in 2014 by the-then-head of Google Web Spam Team, Matt Cutts, caused a lot of controversy at the time. Was Google about to start penalizing those who engaged in the practice? Could suddenly guest posting cause you more harm than good? Was it better to ditch it as […]

7 Lessons from My Most Successful Guest Posts

Guest posting is one of the most popular content marketing tactics because, when done right, it can help you grow your online audience. Despite its usefulness, however, many people have tried it only to get mediocre results. I’ve done several guest posts of my own. I’ve been fortunate enough to get featured on popular sites […]