‘Thank you, dear Nazis’: A German art collective says i…

‘Thank you, dear Nazis’: A German art collective says it tricked neo-Nazis into outing themselves online  Washington Post The Center for Political Beaty launched a website asking the public to name and shame far-right extremists who marched this summer in Chemnitz, when in fact … Zoomd Custom Site Search Related Posts:Clearing 2018 guide: How to find […]

German Neo-Nazis Fell for Art Project and Outed Themselves

A leftist art collective in Germany said they were launching a project to identify neo-Nazi rioters. In reality, it was a hoax to trick neo-Nazis into outing themselves. This summer unleashed a wave of violence in Chemnitz, Germany, where far-right extremists chased down immigrants and threw fascist salutes during a multi-day rally. Nazi-era salutes are illegal […]

German Website Tricked Neo-Nazis Into Doxing Themselves

A collective of German artists revealed on Wednesday that a website pretending to crowdsource help in identifying far-right, anti-immigration protesters was in fact set up to “honeypot” neo-Nazis. As part of the Special Commission Chemnitz campaign, following violent far-right riots in the German city of Chemnitz, activists and artists of the Center for Political Beauty (ZPS) encouraged […]

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, German philosopher gets a Google…

On Google’s home page today is a special Google logo, a doodle, for the Germany polymath and philosopher – Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. He was born 372 years ago in Leipzig, Germany on July 1, 1646. His most notable accomplishment according to Wikipedia was “conceiving the grand ideas of differential and integral calculus independently and simultaneously […]