Penguin C Aircraft Added for UAS Flight Training

Shane Aldridge, UAS Flight Supervisor (left) and Michael Zebehazy, UAS Maintenance and Inventory Manager, assemble the UAV Factory Penguin C unmanned aircraft. (Embry-Riddle/David Massey) “The goal of Embry-Riddle’s program is to train highly qualified, professional UAS pilots who have deep knowledge of best practices in mission planning, data collection, data delivery and safety protocols.” -Dr. […]

Sound wave analysis suggests new flight path, crash site

The whereabouts of doomed flight MH370 remains one of the greatest aviation mysteries of all time. But a mathematician from Cardiff University in Wales believes he’s calculated a “new impact location” where the doomed Malaysian Airlines aircraft went down in 2014 with 239 people on board. Writing for The Conversation, Dr Usama Kadri — a […]

“Spread the cost of a flight over monthly instalments”

UK based flight search site Alternative Airlines, has put the cat amongst the pigeons with an announcement of a new deal with Affirm to roll out what the American company describes as its “fair and honest alternatives” to traditional payment options. The new partnership will see customers pay for their flights in instalments, instead of […]

Lion Air crash: officials say 189 onboard lost flight JT610…

The airplane model of the Lion Air flight which crashed today had only been in service globally for 18 months and boasted of being the “world’s most reliable airplane”. The 737 MAX 8 model was first operated for a commercial flight in May 2017 by Malindo Air but has since been adopted by airlines around […]

The cheapest flight comparison website revealed – and it’s …

Not all flight price comparison platforms are created equal, according to new research from Which?. The product review experts tested five of the leading comparison websites by searching for 10 different flight routes – and the results were surprising. The routes included London to Malaga one-way, Edinburgh to Athens return and London to LAX return. […]

Do we really need a comparison site of flight comparison si…

It is no secret that perusing a flight comparison website when booking your next holiday could likely save you dozens of pounds on an air fare. But what if you pitted those sites against each other? That is exactly what Cheap Flights Finder does. Describing itself as a “meta-meta search”, it is broadly speaking a […]