The UK’s blistering Facebook report has a good recommendati…

The United Kingdom Parliament is still mad at Facebook. How much does it matter? We’ve known since last summer that the report of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select committee would excoriate Facebook over failures related to competition, data privacy, and foreign interference in elections, among other issues. Today, the final report arrived — […]

Do Facebook and Google need to be broken up? –

It’s hard to believe that, as recently as two years ago, there was serious talk of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg running for president. Regardless of whether one supports his idea for a universal basic income, a strong argument can be made that a President Zuckerberg would have been the single most powerful human being to ever live. He […]

Early Facebook investor turned critic describes how governm…

Roger McNamee, a longtime tech investor and one of the early backers of Facebook Inc., was a very early voice warning about privacy and data collection problems on the world’s largest social network that eventually erupted in the public eye. Now, he is trying to help carve out some solutions. McNamee released a book last […]

Anti-Vaccine Facebook Page Uses Advertisements To Build Lar…

tech There currently do not seem to be any policies or regulations against promoting anti-vaccination content via Facebook ads. Ryan Broderick BuzzFeed News Reporter Posted on February 15, 2019, at 2:27 p.m. ET As it comes under increasing pressure from lawmakers and public health advocates that it take action to clamp down on anti-vaccine messaging, […]

Facebook and Google’s Russian rivals: Why are they winning

The clash of social networks and search engines is harsh but by now, the Russians seem to feel alright. Natalya Nosova Russia has some corporate tech and lifestyle giants of its own, able to rival the likes of Google and Facebook efficiently. How do they corner so much of the market? In March 2018, the […]

Inside the Secret Facebook War For Mormon Hearts and Minds

In November 2017, a provocation appeared in the Facebook feeds of 3,000 Mormon parishioners. It was a sponsored post crafted in the gauzy style of one of the Mormon church’s own Facebook ads, but addressing a seldom-discussed truth about the early history of the church and its founding patriarch, Joseph Smith. “Why did Joseph marry […]