Amazon’s huge Digital Day sale is now live, for one day onl…

This has easily been one of the best holiday shopping seasons we’ve ever covered here at the BGR Deals team. Retailers really stepped up their efforts in 2018 and offered killer deals across every popular product category you can imagine. Christmas has now come and gone though, which means the big holiday sales are over. […]

What we learned when Google deindexed our site for a day

Last Friday, Google mistakenly delisted Search Engine Land from its index and search results. That meant none of our pages showed up in Google search — none. Fortunately, we were able to get a response from Google on Friday morning. We were told that its “system misidentified the site as being hacked” and thus was […]

Black Friday 2018: A Not-So-Wild Day for American Shoppers

Shopping on the ’Gram Social media is playing a bigger role than ever in people’s holiday shopping habits. According to Accenture, 15 percent of shoppers in 2018 will use social media for some of their purchases, up from 8 percent last year. With a growing share of retail sales taking place online — and nearly […]

Democrats translate Election Day ads into Spanish based on …

After Priorities USA, a Democratic-aligned super PAC, saw that “Dónde Votar” (“where to vote”) is the top Google search trend in the U.S. today, it translated its voter mobilization ads to Spanish in Arizona and Florida. Why it matters: Even though people were searching for “where to vote” in Spanish, Google was providing them with […]

Top trending Google search on Election Day: ‘Dónde votar’

“Donde votar?” Google says that’s the top trending search the morning of election day, in the U-S. “Donde votar” means where to vote in Spanish.  The company says the number of times its been used has increased by more than 3,000 percent. According to a new poll, many Hispanic-Americans say plan to vote during the […]

Marketing Day: Pinterest’s new CMO, Facebook’s holiday pop-…

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