Google is Creating Featured Snippets from PDF Content

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DC Startup Sorcero is Creating a Search Engine for Your Bus…

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Creating Killer Content Pillars

A creative approach to content marketing that will strengthen site structure, improve overall Google rankings and enhance user experience. “Content is king.” It’s still a belief that holds true, however, not in the way it once was. It’s time to transform that belief and bring it up to speed to match today’s innovative digital marketing […]

Easy steps to creating a more effective online presence for…

Maintaining a positive online presence is becoming more significant every day. Even those who were directly referred to your practice by an existing patient will likely look at your business online before deciding to make an appointment. Sixty percent of consumers conduct online research before going to a business’ website to weigh a purchase decision. […]

Facebook Releases Tools for Creating Mobile Video Ads

Facebook is rolling out a set of tools to help advertisers create ads that are tailor-made for mobile devices. The new video creation tools will allow advertisers to take still image ads and turn them into mobile-first video ads. This includes converting existing images and text assets into video ads that are optimized for either […]

How DoneGood Is Creating The ‘Amazon of Social Good’

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