Google Search Console experiments with domain properties

Google is testing a new feature in Google Search Console to at least partially replace the old property sets feature with a new “domain properties” feature. Tristram de Silva has access to this new beta feature and shared the screen shot above. In its help document about this feature, Google said that “Search Console is […]

Google Search Console reporting currently delayed

Google posted on Twitter Friday morning that some of their reports within Google Search Console are currently delayed more than their normal two-days. “Some Search Console reports are currently a bit more delayed due to issues in the reporting pipeline,” the company said. This has no impact on your search rankings, this is just a […]

Google Search Console snapshot arrives in search results

Google is now showing some users a snapshot or brief dashboard of their Google Search Console metrics directly in the search results. That is, if you are a verified user of the site in Google Search Console and your site comes up in the search results for that query. There is a screen shot of […]

Google Search Console Made a Change to Data Calculations as…

Google Search Console Made a Change to Data Calculations as of August 19  Search Engine Journal Full coverage Site Search 360 Trends Related Posts:all the shortcuts and tools you’ll ever needGoogle’s Aug. 1 core algorithm update: Who did…Verizon Webinar Shows You How to Think Mobile First…

Google Search Console to Show History of User Actions

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Google clarifies Search Console query report data changes f…

This past Sunday we reported that Google appeared to remove some query data from the query filtered search analytics or performance report within Google Search Console. Google today issued a clarification, explaining that it never showed these queries in Search Console but previously did include the hidden queries in the overall sums in the charts. […]