Job prospects are soaring in New York City thanks to Amazon…

In the near term, headhunters said the expansion by tech giants could squeeze tech start-ups a bit. The city, which has become a mecca for entrepreneurs, thanks to a diverse talent base and abundant funding, now boasts more than 7,000 tech start-ups, with fast growth in B2B, consumer web, health tech and fintech, according to […]

CHARLOTTE BUSINESS JOURNAL: Charlotte dubbed a top city for…

0 Charlotte dubbed a top city for hiring in this fast-changing field in 2019 CHARLOTTE, N.C. – For those seeking career opportunities in digital marketing in 2019, Charlotte is among the best places to start the search. [ALSO READ: Charlotte pegged as a hot spot for tech hiring in 2019] That’s according to a report […]

What do millennials want from their city?

Hungry for food, fun, diversity and public transport, Millennials have strong ideas when it comes to choosing where they want to live, as Natalia Rimell reports. There has been much research into the Millennial. Surveys suggest the top ranking cities, according to people born between the early 80s and mid-late 90s (the exact birth years […]

SEARCH ENGINE: City roads know all the angles

SEARCH ENGINE: City roads know all the angles | Top Stories Top Stories Cludo […]

Montreal Ranked #1 Best Canadian City For Millennials

Nestpick – a German apartment search engine voted Montreal as the best Canadian city, and second best city worldwide for young people.  The ranking is based on 17 factors including affordability, employment opportunities, transportation, immigration tolerance, housing, and other criteria more specific to millennial lifestyles (such as beer rankings, internet speed and digital entrepreneurship). It […]

How computer data helped police to investigate Quebec City’…

MONTREAL — The criminal proceedings against Quebec City’s mosque shooter provided a glimpse into how police use computers to extract information about a suspect, even if that data has been erased. Alexandre Bissonnette’s seized laptop was forced to reveal its secrets through a specialized internet evidence finder software called IEF, created by Canadian company Magnet […]