Let’s hope China loses the tech war with America – U.S. New…

For the record, Meng Wanzhou –  the chief financial officer of the Chinese high-tech giant Huawei Technologies – was arrested in Canada last week for her involvement in violating American sanctions on Iran. But it’s unlikely the United States would have ever taken such an extreme measure at such a particularly sensitive moment in its relations with […]

Why will you work with China but not us? – BGR

Google CEO Sundar Pichai is scheduled to testify before Congress next week, and he’ll potentially face questions on a number of thorny issues ranging from perceived search engine bias to Google’s interest in developing a search engine for use in China that would be heavily censored there. To that latter point, a top US general […]

Shun China search engine project, employees tell Google

San Francisco: Renewing their public protests, hundreds of Google employees have demanded in an open letter withdrawal of “Project Dragonfly,” Google’s effort to create a censored search engine for the Chinese market. “Our opposition to Dragonfly is not about China: we object to technologies that aid the powerful in oppressing the vulnerable, wherever they may […]

Amnesty International Plans Protests of Google’s China Se…

Amnesty International has announced a new protest campaign calling on Google to cancel its controversial plan to launch a censored search engine in China. The human rights group on Monday launched a petition against the search engine and said that on Tuesday, it will stage demonstrations outside Google offices in the United States, the United […]

Study finds half of most popular VPN apps linked to China

More than half of the world’s 30 most popular smartphone apps for browsing the internet privately are owned by Chinese companies, according to a new study that raises significant privacy concerns. Seventeen of the apps, which offer to connect users to the internet through a secure tunnel known as a “virtual private network” (VPN), were […]

Pichai makes case for move into China, says Google censors …

Google CEO Sundar Pichai offered a new justification for the company’s exploration of a censored version of its search engine for people in China: it already censors information elsewhere. In a New York Times interview published Thursday, Pichai compared Europe’s “right to be forgotten laws” to censorship when asked about launching a search product in […]