Dutch surgeon wins landmark ‘right to be forgotten’ case ag…

Dutch surgeon who was suspended for medical negligence wins ‘right to be forgotten’ case against Google in landmark ruling The Dutch surgeon won a ruling in July 2018 that is considered a landmark case  The doctor had previously appeared on ‘unofficial blacklist’ found on Google  She had been suspended for medical negligence but was allowed […]

Pixel 3 makes a strong case for Google’s ecosystem

Google’s Pixel 3 is the best Android phone on the market right now. It might even be a better choice than Apple’s latest iPhones. But if you’re attuned to the ongoing backlash over tech companies and consumer privacy, you might feel a bit guilty about using it. You’ve heard the arguments: While Apple offers privacy […]

Building the business case for fleet electrification

The business case for commercial fleets to go electric is getting stronger as technology advances reduce costs and companies search for viable solutions to growing urbanization and environmental challenges. While significant barriers remain, fleet operators around the world are evaluating their needs to determine where electrification can fit into their business strategy. A shift to […]

Pichai makes case for move into China, says Google censors …

Google CEO Sundar Pichai offered a new justification for the company’s exploration of a censored version of its search engine for people in China: it already censors information elsewhere. In a New York Times interview published Thursday, Pichai compared Europe’s “right to be forgotten laws” to censorship when asked about launching a search product in […]

Google loses antitrust case in Europe

Commentary: Google has lost another multi-billion-dollar antitrust case brought against it by the European Union. The accusation is that Google used its control of the Google Play store to stifle competition in search. Previously, the Google was fined for favoring their own products in searches to the determinant of competitors. The key issue in the […]