Google’s Brain Team: What does it do?

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Jeff Dean, Head of Artificial Intelligence, Google For someone tasked with advancing a technology which, in the words of Google’s chief executive, is “more profound than electricity and fire”, Jeff Dean is a remarkably calm man. As the head of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the tech giant, he is […]

A bit about brain health …

Cate McCarty knows a thing or two about brain health. The St. Petersburg-based gerontologist, who has a Ph.D., often presents lectures on the topic, at the Long Center in Clearwater, the Gulfport Senior Center and at corporate events. The 60-year-old also counsels clients on brain health and how to cope with dementia, often working with […]

When in Nature, Google Lens Does What the Human Brain Can’t

AI-powered visual search tools, like Google Lens and Bing Visual Search, promise a new way to search the world—but most people still type into a search box rather than point their camera at something. We’ve gotten used to manually searching for things over the past 25 years or so that search engines have been at […]