Why Google’s Blockchain Tools will be the Rise of Ethereum …

Google is expanding really quickly and now it has included the blockchain search in its list. The search giant will launch an entire suite of tools for open source developers and they are already live. Allen Day is the advocate of Google Cloud developer. He will launch several tools for the blockchain along with his […]

CEO of One of the Hottest Blockchain Projects Everipedia El…

Right now, there are some extremely interesting blockchain-based projects floating around in the crypto and blockchain space that deserve a league of their own. Everipedia is of these. While most of the projects on CoinMarketCap largely focus on becoming the next global digital currency, some of them are actually employing the technology lying underneath to […]

Monday’s blockchain news, from Asia and beyond

‘Unbiased’ blockchain search engine launched in India: Aarzoo Search’s CEO, Vinod Sujan, says Google has gone “rogue” because of its over-reliance on “sponsored” searches while his blockchain-based search engine is non-partisan because it will charge the businesses that use it. Vinod told Livemint that with Aarzoo “the search happens in real time and as the […]

Tron (TRX) could soon become the Google of the blockchain, …

READ LATER – DOWNLOAD THIS POST AS PDF Tron is almost a year old, and so far the project has achieved much in the crypto sphere. When it comes to transaction speed, it has surpassed cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin due to the innovative team behind it. Its CEO, Justin Sun, has been ambitious […]

Nebulas to disrupt blockchain with its next-gen technology

Nebulas aims to change the way blockchain is perceived in modern times, bringing groundbreaking features to the table. It aims to revolutionize the blockchain and catapult it into the future by introducing features such as Nebulas Rank, Nebulas Force and a revolutionary new consensus algorithm known as Proof of Dedication. The Nebulas blockchain is built […]