CHP: Hours-old baby girl found in middle of road –

CHP: Hours-old baby girl found in middle of road A newborn baby was found alone in the middle of the road, the California Highway Patrol says. According to CHP, a newspaper delivery person found the baby … Swiftype Custom Site Search Related Posts:Two years of Trump: Dizzying dysfunction,…120 AI Predictions For 2019How Technology Is Changing […]

Police say Missing mom and baby story not true – WITN

Police say Missing mom and baby story not true  WITN The search is over for a missing baby and her mother. Turns out, police are now saying the story is not true. Swiftype Trends Related Posts:120 AI Predictions For 2019Two years of Trump: Dizzying dysfunction,…Jean Case, author of “Be Fearless” book, on Kara…

Meghan Markle baby ginger? Weirdest questions you asked Goo…

Christmas is here and it’s almost time to say goodbye to the year of 2018. It’s been a year of Royal weddings, a long heatwave and football nearly coming home. There is nothing that gives more of an insight into what goes through our heads than our Google search history. Google has become our go-to […]

How Technology Is Changing Baby Names

Parents take many factors into consideration when choosing a baby name ― from trendiness to family history to cultural significance to sound. Now even domain name availability is a point of consideration. The domain name aspect exemplifies a broader trend that’s influencing the world of baby names today: technology. Technological advancements have expanded parents’ worldviews […]