Douma Chemical Attack and the Fog of Syria’s Propaganda War

This much we know: To have been in the Syrian town of Douma, the final rebel military holdout in the suburbs of Damascus, on Saturday, April 7, 2018 must have sounded and felt very much like hell on earth. Since 2013, when a shifting cast of rebel militias wrested control of the area, the whole […]

Big, rich tech teams attack PH alternative media websites

MANILA – A well-funded, sophisticated and multi-pronged attack on the country’s oldest alternative digital news outfit used over 4,000 compromised computers, editors of said Wednesday. The attacks against Bulatlat, traced to Philippine-based entities, started in December 2018 and peaked in January. The focus has since shifted to another alternative news service, Kodao Productions. A […]

Massive fake review attack has big impact on small business…

The Local SEO community was recently plagued with a massive fake review attack that impacted small businesses globally. A collection of 37 profiles left over 3 million fake 4-star ratings. By the time Google removed them all about five days later, the average profile had left over 81,000 ratings for various businesses. Who is behind […]

Woman’s Spine Fractured In Apparent Hate Crime Attack On Qu…

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The search is on for a man police say attacked a woman aboard a subway in Queens last month, seriously injuring her in what’s being probed as a possible hate crime. Police say the man approached the 20-year-old victim aboard a Manhattan-bound E train and started hurling slurs regarding her sexual […]

Cross-site search attack applied to snoop on Google’s bug t…

XS-Searching takes advantage of timing-based attack A security researcher has refined a known but slightly obscure hacking technique and applied it to trawl Google’s bug tracker and extract examples of juicy zero-days. The cross-site search attack (XS-Searching) was harnessed by security researcher Luan Herrera to unearth details of vulnerabilities from a Google’s bug-tracking database. Herrera […]

How to recover from a negative SEO attack – Part 5

Welcome to the next-to-the-last article in our six-part series on negative SEO. If you’ve been following along, you understand what negative SEO is. You’ve audited your situation to know whether or not you were hit, and you know how to reduce your likelihood of being a target in the future. You even know how to try […]