Baidu Is Helping Walmart Deliver Groceries in America — Th…

Walmart (NYSE:WMT) will soon be delivering groceries with autonomous vans powered by Baidu‘s (NASDAQ:BIDU) Apollo platform. Udelv, a California-based autonomous vehicle start-up, will deploy the vans for Walmart in a pilot program in Surprise, Arizona. Udelv currently provides driverless deliveries for grocers in Oklahoma City and the Bay Area city of San Mateo. It has completed […]

Let’s hope China loses the tech war with America – U.S. New…

For the record, Meng Wanzhou –  the chief financial officer of the Chinese high-tech giant Huawei Technologies – was arrested in Canada last week for her involvement in violating American sanctions on Iran. But it’s unlikely the United States would have ever taken such an extreme measure at such a particularly sensitive moment in its relations with […]

America prefers to watch its news on TV

Allow me a moment to reminisce about a handful of journalism’s challenges as we’ve gone digital. I promise there’s a point. Paywalls. Pop-ups. Overtaxed servers. Clickbait. The classifieds collapse. Banner ads. Excessive banner ads. Inappropriate banner ads. Sponsored content. The wobbling influences of search engines and social media. Analytics that show readers don’t care about […]

The 10 Most Stressed-Out States in America

Stress levels are on the rise across the U.S. According to an American Psychiatric Association-sponsored survey, nearly 40 percent of people reported feeling more anxious in 2018 than they did last year. But tensions are running higher in some states than others. To see which states have the most stressed-out residents, check out the list […]

Made in America: Seven companies the US gave to the world

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