AI in content management supports tagging, search

As the market matures, AI in content management systems will improve the searchability and organization of enterprise content. Metadata, or tagging, is arguably one of the most powerful features in a CMS; it’s also an area that has the most room for AI capabilities. Tagging enables content managers to attribute meaning and context to […]

Facebook funds AI ethics center in Munich | News | DW

Facebook announced on Sunday that it will help create an independent ethics research center for artificial intelligence (AI) with the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The technology giant said it will provide $7.5 million over five years as “an initial funding grant.”  With the AI industry growing at unprecedented levels, its use and impact have […]

AI takes centre stage, but where are the professionals in I…

With the world and India adding new AI jobs almost every day, it is time for the Indian professional – with an average AI experience of 3 years – to upskill in order to keep pace with the growing demand. Image: Shutterstock The future of the world seems to be in the hands of artificial […]

Google AI Briefly Broadcasts Bitcoin (BTC) as “Collapsed …

Google AI Briefly Broadcasts Bitcoin (BTC) as “Collapsed Bubbleâ€�  Cryptovest Google presented Bitcoin (BTC) as a “collapsed economic bubbleâ€� for a short spell last week before amending the description to a neutral one, as reported by … Swiftype Reports Related Posts:120 AI Predictions For 2019Google Search For Bitcoin Doubled In NovemberGoogle Searches for ‘Bitcoin Price’ Sink…

120 AI Predictions For 2019

Me: “Alexa, tell me what will happen in 2019.” Amazon AI: “Do you want to open ‘this day in history’?” Me: “Alexa, give me a prediction for 2019.” Amazon AI: “The crystal ball is clouded, I can’t tell.” My conversation with Amazon’s “smart speaker” or “intelligent voice assistant” just about sums up the present state […]

Content and Ranking Factors for Google AI Search

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