8 simple steps to start a career in digital marketing

Photo: Photo-MIX Company, Pixabay Marketing is all about creating value for your customers. If you fail to deliver the value to your clients, you cannot become a good marketer. Marketing is a field that offers intense knowledge, diverse skill sets and creativity. A career in this particular industry will surely make you a successful individual […]

8 ways to stop your phone from tracking you

Your phone knows where you are standing or sitting at this moment. Most people know that. How else could you use GPS? While location tracking is essential for directions, it also helps big tech sell you things. “Targeted advertising” is a massive phenomenon. Companies are eager to flood your screen with ads, which are primarily […]

8 Uses Cases Of Image Recognition That We See In Our Daily …

Technology becomes a vital part of our daily life where machine learning portraying as the protagonist behind the technological advancements. Image recognition is an application of such tech future that changed the way we used to see the world. The trends in technology are growing exponentially and image recognition has proved as one of the […]

Deal: 8 ways to become a certified SEO specialist – Android…

Deal: 8 ways to become a certified SEO specialist  Android Authority Every big website needs SEO experts. Right now you can get trained and certified with this eight-part bundle for just $30. AddSearch Reports Related Posts:120 AI Predictions For 2019101 Ways To Make More MoneyAndroid’s evolution through the years

Local Briefs: Dec. 8 | Local News – Laramie Boomerang

Local Briefs: Dec. 8 | Local News  Laramie Boomerang Corrections. POLICY: If there is a mistake in a previous paper, it is the Laramie Boomerang’s policy to run a correction. If you find an error, call Joel Funk at … Algolia Reports Related Posts:Slate’s Use of Your Data101 Ways To Make More MoneyFour Research Papers About […]

8 things you can do in an hour that will protect your home …

There’s probably only one way that Brexit has united the whole country. The current chaos has left everyone worrying what the impact on their pockets will be after it comes in – or if it doesn’t. A study commissioned by TheCityUK indicated that a no-deal scenario (in which goods imported from the EU will be subject […]