As 2018 Closes, Go and Swift Continue Their Rise

If you had any doubt about which languages will power the next generation of apps, November’s update to the TIOBE Index should provide some strong clues: Swift and Go made aggressive year-over-year gains in the rankings, with both climbing several spots. Swift is Apple’s next-generation language for iOS and macOS apps; Go was developed by […]

TripAdvisor Reduces Google Search, TV Ad Spend In Q3 2018 1…

TripAdvisor reported $458 million in revenue for the third quarter of 2018, with the hotel segment declining 2% from the year-ago quarter. The company said earnings were boosted by its growing non-hotel business, such as restaurants and vacation rentals.  The decline in advertising dollars spent on Google and on television advertising may have helped to […]

57% of WP Sites Become Less Secure in December 2018

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Wait, what? Google briefly said the Red Sox won the 2018 Wo…

Don’t start rolling out the duck boats just yet, folks — there’s still a few games to go in the World Series before a team is declared victorious. But not according to Google search results. The Internet search engine Friday returned some curious results for people looking up the terms “Red Sox World Series” and […]

AWR Cloud – Review 2018

Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) Cloud is a search engine optimization (SEO) tool that has rank tracking as its main area of strength, but it can also help you with any other part of your business’s SEO strategy. AWR Cloud (which begins at $49 per month) falls in the middle of three main SEO areas: ad […]

Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives working in 2018

Dating back to 2008, Kickass torrents is one of the most popular torrent search engines in the world. Even though the original domain is closed, it still exists at and a number of other alternative domains. KickAss eventually rose to power and took the throne away from The Pirate Bay, the juggernaut among […]