The Top 10 SEO Tools Marketers Want in 2019

When we asked marketers what tools they were planning to use in 2019, we received more than 70 responses with nearly as many tools. They run the gamut from keyword research, site audits, backlink analysis, and content ideation to scheduling, testing, editing, link-building, outreach, and email marketing. And that’s just to name a few. While […]

10 Essential Google Chrome extensions for 2019 [Video]

Google Chrome needs to have the RAM management issues addressed but it hasn’t really stopped it from being arguably the best browser, even more so when you factor in the power of Chrome Extensions. I’ve tried to use a mixture of personal experience and team recommendations to create a short but sweet list of extensions […]

10 business trends that will define the startup ecosystem i…

The year 2018 was a rollercoaster of changes and developments in key sectors such as technology, finance, healthcare, retail and corporate. For this year, here are the 10 business trends that will be tracked. Marketing and business 1. Marketing will get more personalised Business is becoming more customer-centric, so marketers will need to think about […]

These are the top 10 health questions of 2018, according to…

Many surf the web to learn more about their health. But what subject matters are people researching most? » RELATED: How the keto diet can keep your brain healthy and young Google did some digging to find out. By gathering data, based on search terms, from January to mid-December, the search engine site determined the top 10 […]

The Top 10 Changes to Come to Marketing and Technology, Acc…

This past year was the year of GDPR, Facebook breaches, the decentralized web and blockchain, to name a few. These topics will no doubt remain relevant in 2019, but we asked marketers how they see these themes evolving and what else they think is on the horizon. Here are their top 10 predictions for data, ad […]

List of top 10 Google searches worldwide in 2018

Without search engines, it would be very difficult to locate information you want when you surf the internet. However, with search engines, all you need is to type a search query and they will return will the most relevant results. So what did people around the world search for the most on Google? What are […]