Smart people ask mentors these questions

What is something you believed about yourself that you later found out to be untrue?

Don’t hesitate to ask about your mentor’s history with doubts and self-limiting beliefs, says Sam Raue Hebert, the vice president of production at Jellyvision, a software company. “Hearing what others have learned about themselves can help you identify and articulate where you’re selling yourself short.”

Is this worth worrying about?

Don’t be afraid to ask what you should and shouldn’t be worrying about in your life and early career, says Sophia Dominguez, CEO and co-founder of SVRF, a search engine for virtual reality content.

“When I was younger, I spent a lot of time worrying about things that really did not matter and I wish I could relay those learnings to my mentee.”

Where did you think your career would lead?

Ask mentors about where they thought their career was going when they first started out, says Amanda Loh, software engineer at NIO, an electric car maker.

“No one’s career trajectories are perfect, and rarely anyone knows where they will end up in a couple years. I think a lot of mentees think a mentor is someone who is going to help them plan out their career trajectory, when really a mentor is a guide to assist the mentee in traversing the unpredictability that life may bring.”

Learning about a mentor’s more non-traditional path can inspire and uplift a mentee in times of “stress or difficulty,” she says.

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