Here’s a guide to companies that help you shop for electric…

GeekYourRate uses a customer’s past usage to shop. The company takes no referral fees. The charge is $9.95 for 72 hours of access to the company’s website for searching. The company says it works to expose “the complex and potentially deceptive rate structures” on its site.

Energy Simply helps residential customers for $7 a month. “We do all the work,” the company says. “Including plan signup, usage monitoring and automatic plan switching when contracts are expiring.” No commissions are received from electricity companies. says it uses a “trade secret algorithm” to combine a customer’s past usage with current plan offerings. The annual cost is $99.95. The company says it does not favor specific electricity companies, but conducts “independent and unbiased” searches.

Griddy says it offers customers wholesale prices “by connecting them directly to the grid” without middleman markups. Griddy says its average kWh rate is about 2 cents lower than the state average. The company says its mission is to show Texans they can eliminate higher retail prices. The monthly fee is $9.99.

Energy Ogre does the work for customers, including shopping, renewals and other issues. It does not accept money from electricity companies. It eliminates companies from its search results that have recurring problems. Cost: $10 a month.

Awesome Power Texas uses plans on and matches it with actual usage of customers. The company originally received referral fees from electricity companies. “But because we were unwilling to bias our results based on commissions, we had a hard time negotiating.” The service is free to customers. “We do not make money.”

Texas Electricity Ratings ranks and rates plans based on a customer’s needs. The company is a broker that says it works with all electricity companies. Customers pay nothing, and electricity companies pay TER for each completed order.

Ichoosr uses the power of group purchasing to ask for bids from electricity companies in what it calls the “Texas Power Switch.” Ichoosr partners with area cities who sign on and market the program to residents. Area cities participating include Fate, Farmers Branch, Richland Hills, Lake Dallas and Wilmer. Waco is the biggest city in the program.

In an honest world, you wouldn’t need to hire a company to help you shop for electricity. It’s ridiculous that our Texas system is so poorly regulated that assistant electricity shoppers are needed.

It’s pathetic that this new industry flourishes in Texas.

Maybe one day shopping for electricity won’t be so difficult, so deceptive and dishonest that these companies would no longer needed. Until true leadership comes, for many the time has come to seek help from others. Or as I call it, Plan B.

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