Stream-Ripping Drops 13% In One Year; Accounts for Just 4% …, a YouTube ‘stream-ripper’ that recently won a surprise legal victory against the RIAA and its major label constituents. As on-demand streaming services proliferate, will global piracy die down on its own? As the major labels continue their legal attacks against YouTube stream-rippers, an interesting question is popping up.  Is YouTube ‘stream-ripping’ dying on its […]

Candidates for chancellor to visit Montana Tech campus

BUTTE, Mont. — The four candidates vying to be the next chancellor at Montana Tech will be visiting campus in the next couple weeks, and students and the public are invited to meet them at planned open public forums. — The following is a press release from Montana Tech: Montana Tech announced today that four […]

Israeli cybersecurity co Cobwebs raises $10m

Israeli cybersecurity company Cobwebs Technologies today announced the completion of a $10 million financing round. The company did not say who invested in the round, but sources inform “Globes” that the investor was US hedge found Ibex Investors (formerly Lazarus). Cobwebs, which specializes in gathering intelligence data with a security orientation from all over […]

Microsoft Edge 75 First Impressions

An early build of the Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge has leaked, giving us our first opportunity to see what Microsoft has been up to. It’s incomplete, is and missing many classic Edge features. But it’s also familiar for the majority of people who currently use Google Chrome. And that alone will make the transition […]

Pinterest Officially Joins Silicon Valley’s 2019 Money Bona…

Another day, another Silicon Valley IPO, just as the prophecy foretold. San Francisco’s Pinterest just filed for an initial public offering on Friday, the latest in what’s shaping up to be an insanely busy year of tech companies going public in 2019. It had been about one whole hour since the last Silicon Valley IPO. […]

Are You Using These Awesome Browser Extensions for Chrome a…

Safari and Google Chrome are both top-notch browsers. Whether you use one or the other all comes down to personal preference. And while both are great browsers on their own, they also both support third-party extensions. While Chrome has a wider variety of extensions, Safari makes up for it with more secure and vetted extensions. […]