The 15-minute Chromebook tune-up | Computerworld

As far as computers go, Chromebooks are almost shockingly low-maintenance. Google’s Chrome OS operating system updates itself silently and automatically — as do most of the core apps associated with the platform — and it doesn’t get gunked up and slowed down over time, as traditional operating systems tend to do. There’s no antivirus software […]

The future of the internet looks brighter thanks to an EU c…

Imagine an internet where you couldn’t access any content unless it complied with every law of all the countries in the world. In this scenario, you would be prevented from expressing views that were critical of many of the world’s dictatorships. You would not be able to question aspects of some religions due to blasphemy […]

Smart people ask mentors these questions

What is something you believed about yourself that you later found out to be untrue? Don’t hesitate to ask about your mentor’s history with doubts and self-limiting beliefs, says Sam Raue Hebert, the vice president of production at Jellyvision, a software company. “Hearing what others have learned about themselves can help you identify and articulate […]

U Mobile hijacks telco search results, takes multiple jabs …

U Mobile is living up to its reputation of being a fun and quirky by “hijacking” telco search results. In its latest search engine marketing campaign, U Mobile poked fun at other telcos in Malaysia including Maxis, Yoodo, Digi, Celcom and Hotlink, redirecting consumers to U Mobile’s plans instead. Upon doing a search of the […]

In brief – Texarkana Gazette

In brief  Texarkana Gazette NEW YORK—New research says a food industry-funded group undermined China’s efforts to keep obesity rates in check by overemphasizing the importance of … Swiftype Trends Related Posts:120 AI Predictions For 2019Guide to Advertising Technology – Columbia…Former Google engineer says China search engine was…

Is Shopify a Millionaire-Maker Stock? — The Motley Fool

What, exactly, is a “millionaire-maker” stock? There’s no solid definition. If you start out with $1,000 and expect it to turn into a cool million, you’d need returns of 99,900%. Conversely, if you started out with $500,000 in a single stock, you’d only need a return of 100%. To simplify the question, I’m going to […]