Product Quality and Entering Through Tying: Experimental Ev…

by Hyunjin Kim and Michael Luca     Overview — This study empirically explores Google’s decision to tie its new reviews product to the top of its search results, excluding competitors. Results suggest that such “tying” can facilitate dominant platforms’ entry into adjacent markets, even when the tied product is of worse quality compared […]

What we’ve learnt about fake news in Africa

Image copyright AFP Image caption Many overestimate their ability to spot fake news, a BBC report has found People’s emotions trump reason when it comes to sharing news, the BBC’s in-depth research project Beyond Fake News has found. The spread of fake news can also undermine legitimate news because it erodes trust. By analysing fake […]

As 2018 Closes, Go and Swift Continue Their Rise

If you had any doubt about which languages will power the next generation of apps, November’s update to the TIOBE Index should provide some strong clues: Swift and Go made aggressive year-over-year gains in the rankings, with both climbing several spots. Swift is Apple’s next-generation language for iOS and macOS apps; Go was developed by […]

Dr. Google may not offer best remedy for pets

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Dr. Google

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The Subtle Art of Search for Certification-Related Jobs

Written by Ed Tittel Published: 09 November 2018 Page 1 of 2 You might think that you could find all the jobs related to a given IT cert by searching job posting sites for the cert name or its acronym. It turns out that there’s a little more […]