I now worry about every click I make because they are watch…

Last year, for the first time in my life – as well as the last – I looked up Christina Perri in Google search from my mobile phone. I was intrigued by Perri because someone mentioned her to me in a conversation, and I wanted to know more. I knew my Rolling Stones but not […]

How to use chatbots as part of your marketing strategy

Chatbots have been a pretty big industry buzzword for a few years now. To recap, a chatbot is any computer program that can carry on conversation with humans in a natural, fluid way. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at why marketers use chatbots, what they can be used for, and most importantly, […]

Here Are The Tools And Methods We Used To Map A Macedonian …

The Kumanovo-connection: Macedonian Spam Clans Still Make Money With Fake News About Muslims and Migrants | Lead Stories A Macedonian military man appears to be one of the driving forces behind a network of fake news websites that reached millions of people with articles often inciting hatred against muslims and migrants. Together with friends and […]

This new publisher is going all-in on moddable games

ModDB has been around since 2002, and it’s hard to remember where we got mods from before then. Websites grew up around specific popular games, like The Morrowind Chronicles (the site that later evolved into Nexus Mods), but how did every computer at our LAN parties in the old days have Ninja Quake installed on […]

Latest SEC filings show just how much tech companies are pa…

Silicon Valley companies are spending considerable amounts of money to protect their executives, with Facebook paying $7million to keep Mark Zuckerberg safe.  Facebook spent $7.3million for the CEO’s security in 2017, Wired reports. 2018’s total security spending for the exec is expected to reach $10million. Zuckerberg security detail cost just $2.6million in 2013, the same amount Facebook […]

Yelp Responds to Press Release by SQN Investors | National

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