Only 36% English media consumers trust ‘news overall’

India’s news media fared poorly when compared to its counterparts in other countries on the metric of audience trust. Only 36% of the surveyed respondents said they trusted “news overall”, while 39% of the respondents said they trust “news I use”, according to a study by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (RISJ) […]

Pinterest Isn’t Picture Perfect Just Yet

Pinterest’s initial public offering filing has a lot of pretty pictures pinned up, but behind them are a lot of holes. Launched in 2010, Pinterest enables users to “pin” visual ideas on digital boards. It certainly has amassed a fan following: the company now has 265 million monthly users, more than half of whom are […]

Algorithm As Editor | The Indian Express

Not only do our respondents rely on search and social media for news, they also say they trust the news that they get there at least as much as news more broadly. (Image source: Bloomberg) (Written by Rasmus Kleis Nielsen) Are Google and Facebook the most powerful editors in India? Given that an estimated quarter […]

The Non-Writers’ Guide To Writing Better Social Media Copy

These days, there’s an almost endless array of options for promoting your small business or organization, with one of the most popular being to post about what you’re doing on social media. Suddenly, you’re expected to be a social media marketer in addition to whatever business you’ve started. To be fair, it’s true: Even if […]

The U.S. Remains Top Traffic Source For Pirate Sites, Resea…

A new report from piracy tracking outfit MUSO shows that visits to pirate sites dipped slightly last year. The company recorded a total of 190 billion visits in 2018. TV and movie streaming portals are by far the most popular, while the United States remains the top source for these sites. U.S music and movie […]

Start Blogging While Still at College – Times Square Chroni…

Starting a blog is one of the best decisions you can take to shape your career. Blogging has evolved a lot in the past few years and there are myriad benefits. Here are the key reasons to start blogging while you still in college. 1. Teach people useful things  Blogging is the best platform to […]