Pinterest’s IPO filing shows dependence on Google and Faceb…

Pinterest on Friday released its IPO prospectus, and the document shows just how much leverage Facebook and Google hold over internet companies. Like many websites and apps, Pinterest allows users to sign into its service using their Facebook and Google credentials. The company relies on traffic from Google’s search engine and logins from Facebook, which […]

Google’s New Doodle Opens Debate About AI In Music

In honor of Johann Sebastian Bach’s birthday, which would be his 333rd, Google created an AI Doodle on the homepage of their search to honor him and celebrate modern technology. Created by Google’s Magenta and PAIR teams, the Doodle lets users create their own music by using machine learning to harmonize melodies. Magenta was responsible […]

AM Prep-Cyber Corner | National News

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May rejects petition to revoke article 50 despite 2m signat…

Theresa May “will not countenance” revoking article 50 despite a public petition calling for the Brexit deadline to be cancelled adding almost 2m signatures in a couple of days. When asked for the prime minister’s view on the petition, a No 10 spokeswoman said May worried that failing to deliver Brexit would cause “potentially irreparable […]

What You Need to Know About the Value of Directory Submissi…

— Directory submissions historically were used to get backlinks to your website and increase your search engine rankings. However, they no longer serve the same purpose. Some of them can actually hurt your rankings. And, if not used correctly, can cause more damage than good. Google’s algorithms today are complex and don’t see all links […]

Amazon is blocking ads for unprofitable products

Joshua Roberts | Reuters Jeff Bezos, president and CEO of Amazon and owner of The Washington Post, speaks at the Economic Club of Washington DC’s “Milestone Celebration Dinner” in Washington, U.S., September 13, 2018. As Amazon steps up its effort to show Wall Street it can generate profits, the e-commerce giant is aggressively blocking money-losing […]