Google+ shuts down April 2, all data will be deleted

Release YouTube, you beast! The latest beleaguered Google product to get a death date is Google+. Google’s controversial Facebook clone is shutting down on April 2. Google has been backing away from the service for years, but it gave the site a death sentence in October, after revelations of a data leak were made public. […]

How Artificial Intelligence Changes Us

Sophia the robot flanked by her creator David Hanson (L) and CNET’s Ashley Esqueda (R) during an interview at CES 2019 on January 9, 2019, Las Vegas, Nevada.Photocredit: AFP/Getty Images Written in collaboration with Professor Moran Cerf. I’ve had a few conversations with Sophia the Robot, an invention of Hanson Robotics making the rounds of […]

Instagram Stories Are Viewed by 500 Million Users Per Day

Instagram Stories have hit the daily user count of 500 million, which is up from the 400 million reported in June 2018. Stories are growing amongst advertisers as well, with 2 million now buying Stories ads across Instagram and Facebook. These numbers were revealed during Facebook’s Q4 2018 earnings call, where CEO Mark Zuckerberg hailed Stories […]

Microsoft Sees Bing Ad Revenue Inch Upward 01/31/2019

Microsoft announced Wednesday that revenue from its search advertising, excluding traffic acquisition costs, rose 14% in the fourth quarter of 2018. Revenue from LinkedIn rose 29%. The company cited record levels of engagement highlighted by the time people spend on the site, which rose about nearly 30% in the quarter, compared with the year-ago. Azure, […]

Kaufman County Commissioners Court Meetings Streaming Live

Kaufman County Commissioners Court Meeting Video and Agenda – Jan. 9, 2019 “Our residents now have an excellent way to observe the actions of Kaufman County government,” said Kaufman County Judge Hal Richards. DALLAS (PRWEB) January 31, 2019 The Kaufman County Commissioners Court is streaming their weekly meetings live and on-demand with hands-free video® […]

How to Use Python to Analyze SEO Data: A Reference Guide

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